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Overview: Citizens for Modern Transit, a St. Louis transit advocacy group, was funded to begin a new initiative in St. Louis, the Ten Toe Express program. The Ten Toe Express program focuses on increasing the number of older adults in the St. Louis community who link walking with public transit use resulting in a healthier, more active lifestyle.  In collaboration with Transtria L.L.C., Citizens for Modern Transit implemented the Ten Toe Express program consisting of two main components: 1) distribution of walking kits, and 2) creation of weekly walking groups. The walking kits consist of a digital pedometer, walking and eating logs, walking tour maps of different destinations throughout the St. Louis area, a coupon book to increase access to opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating, and educational materials to encourage participants to walk more and eat healthier. The walking groups serve to increase levels of physical activity, increase familiarity with public transit, and to build supportive networks for being physically active.

Purpose: The main goals of the Ten Toe Express project are to:

  • Increase the proportion of older adults who meet recommendations for physical activity and balanced eating patterns through educational and promotional intervention activities targeting increased walking for transportation and recreation as well as increased selection and purchasing of nutritious foods.
  • Increase perceived community access to opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating.
  • Strengthen collaborative efforts to implement local public policies that promote physical activity and healthy eating through dissemination of walking campaign findings.


Citizens for Modern Transit,
Missouri Foundation for Health,

Our Role:

  • Research, planning, and technical assistance with grant writing
  • Develop nutrition and physical activity education materials
  • Participate in recruitment efforts
  • Develop online evaluation materials (i.e. pre/post surveys, walking and eating logs)
  • Participate in intervention activities (e.g., walk leader trainings, kick-off events)
  • Evaluate the success of the program (e.g., collect, analyze, and disseminate project data)

Population: The Ten Toe Express program targets older adults (aged 55 and older) throughout the St. Louis community.