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Transtria is a unique and innovative company with few of its kind in existence today. Transtria specializes in providing leadership, training, and technical assistance to support research, policy, and practice initiatives to improve the public’s health. The company was created in September 2005 under the leadership of Dr. Laura Brennan.

The company is led by a Chief Executive Officer, with support from a team of Project Directors, Managers and Coordinators, who manage national, state, and local projects as well as a diverse team of Project Assistants and Interns. Transtria staff also work with Affiliates, representing experts in a variety of related disciplines, who consult on different projects. Likewise, Transtria has a host of Partners and Contractors to supplement and enhance the services provided by the team.

Transtria staff have been fortunate to serve a diverse client base of federal and state government agencies, national and state foundations, universities, and community-based organizations. Transtria works with clients and community partners to understand their needs, create a collaborative process for engagement, identify strategies for change, monitor progress, document impacts, and share what has been learned.

The Transtria team demonstrates proficiency in designing, implementing, and evaluating both large- and small-scale community-based initiatives; conducting community-based participatory research; communicating health messages; conducting literature reviews; translating evidence-based intervention strategies; developing comprehensive evaluation plans, including quantitative and qualitative data collection tools and analytic strategies; disseminating findings through reports, manuscripts, presentations, websites, and publications; generating new research initiatives and collaborations; and building skills and capacity through training and technical assistance.