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Overview:The National Association for Chronic Disease Directors (NACDD) is a non-profit public health organization committed to serving the chronic disease program directors of each state and U.S. jurisdiction. These efforts increase the capacity of chronic disease units in state and territorial health departments through education, training, and technical assistance related to programs, services, and operations. NACDD communicates and coordinates events and activities with representatives of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure chronic disease units have up-to-date information and resources to support their work. Transtria has been contracted by the NACDD to evaluate their State Technical Assistance & Review (STAR) program’s existing technical assistance offerings and provide recommendations to better align STAR with the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention’s technical assistance services, four chronic disease domains, and coordinated chronic disease efforts.

Purpose: The project has two primary aims:

  • To examine NACDD and CDC systems of technical assistance delivery to chronic disease units in states and territories.
  • To explore opportunities for coordinating training and technical assistance services provided by NACDD and CDC using group model building methods.

Partners: National Association of Chronic Disease Directors, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our Role:

  • Provide an evaluation framework to clearly define current and ongoing efforts in regard to NACDD and STAR technical assistance.
  • Integrate NACDD and CDC models of technical assistance.
  • Identify gaps and overlaps in NACDD and CDC technical assistance provision.
  • Generate a report incorporating all findings and including recommendations for better alignment of services.