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Overview: The Schools and Communities in Partnership Project is a collaborative effort to promote health and wellness in the Jennings Public School District, which includes nine schools. This project will assess the school and community physical activity and nutrition environments over a two year period.

Principles: These tasks will be guided by four principles.

  • To be school-driven and guided by the Jennings School wellness policies.
  • To be community-linked by creating and enhancing connections between Jennings School District and community stakeholders.
  • To be evidence-based using feasible, efficacious, and safe practices in SCIPP activities.
  • To be evaluation focused understanding that this process is a key component for assessing the Jennings School District’s wellness operations.

Purpose: Transtria will use an evidence-based evaluation framework to promote the main objectives of SCIPP.

  • To increase physical activity levels among Jennings School District students.
  • To increase fresh fruit and vegetable intake among Jennings School District students.
  • To reduce tobacco exposure, enhance tobacco education and awareness, and change tobacco beliefs and attitudes among Jennings School District students.

Partners: Missouri Foundation for Health, Jennings School District, The community of Jennings, Saint Louis University, Healthy Youth Partnership, American Lung Association, Saint Louis County Department of Health

Our Role:

  • Conduct audits of the school and community environments.
  • Conduct direct observations of the nutrition and physical activity environments in the schools.
  • Facilitate group model building sessions that capture the perspectives of community members, addressing the influences of childhood obesity through this lens.
  • Create individualized school reports assessing the school and surrounding community’s physical activity and healthy eating environment.