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Overview: The Maternal, Child, Family Health Coalition (MCFHC) of Saint Louis has established a Partnership for preconception health including local health care practitioners, non-profits, foundations, and faith-based organizations. Transtria has been tasked with evaluating the capacity building of the partnership over a two year grant period.

Purpose: Transtria will use an evidence-based evaluation framework to assess capacity building within the Partnership. Transtria will examine the main purposes of the Partnership.

  • To identify social determinants of health in the community.
  • To develop a more aware community and provide legislators and the community with knowledge related to preconception health care.

Partners: Maternal, Child, Family Health Coalition, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Our Role:

  • Provide an evaluation framework to clearly define current and ongoing efforts in regard to partnership capacity building.
  • Develop a capacity building survey to be distributed multiple times throughout the course of the grant period to identify change in the partnership over time.
  • Construct an asset map to provide an illustration of the partnership’s resources, potential partner contributions, and areas the partnership can strengthen. This map will be modified in year two of the partnership’s existence to reflect change.
  • Provide preliminary logic models as needed to frame the evaluation and assist in the partnership’s identification of strategies and action steps.
  • Generate a report at the end of each grant year incorporating all findings.