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Overview: The African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network (AACORN) is a public health network committed to improving the quality, quantity, and effective translation of research to address weight related issues in African American communities. A major aim of the network is to enhance the visibility and integration of the perspectives of African American investigators within the larger obesity research arena and especially in relation to research in African American populations. Transtria has been contracted by AACORN to perform a mini-synthesis of feedback systems for food marketing and African American communities from two existing Transtria projects.

Purpose: The project has two primary aims::

  • To examine existing Transtria system science resources for food marketing systems in African American communities.
  • To work with AACORN researchers to construct a framework for collaboration and research focusing on food marketing in African American communities.

Partners: African American Collaborative Obesity Research Network, Social System Design Laboratory

Our Role:

  • Analyze existing project data on food marketing in African American Communities
  • Collaborate with AACORN staff to identify research priority areas.
  • Conduct group model building with key AACORN staff and network members.
  • Present findings to AACORN member meeting.