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Overview: Intervention MICA (Missouri Information for Community Assessment) is an interactive, evidence-based intervention planning website that guides users through a process of creating partnerships, performing a needs assessment, assessing readiness, building capacity, implementing an intervention, designing an evaluation and maintaining momentum. Users are provided with information and tools needed to be able to plan and develop their own intervention or use resources available by others to implement an existing intervention. Eight intervention topics (i.e., physical activity, tobacco, asthma, nutrition, diabetes, oral health, motor vehicle injuries, injuries from falls) are organized by six main intervention strategies (i.e., Campaigns & Promotions, Individual Information Exchange, Group Education Sessions, Supportive Relationships, Provider Education Systems, Environments & Policies).

Purpose: The main goals of Intervention MICA are to:

  • Increase the awareness of and importance of using evidence-based interventions to address health conditions
  • Increase the capacity of local health practitioners to implement evidence-based interventions
  • Improve the ability of public health practitioners to impact health outcomes


Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services,
Missouri Foundation for Health

Our Role:

  • Research of evidence-based interventions
  • Abstraction of research- and practice-based evidence criteria
  • Identification of online tools and resources
  • Translation of evidence-based intervention planning information into web pages

Population: Although the MICA tools are primarily geared toward the state of Missouri, Intervention MICA transcends Missouri-based data and provides information to public health practitioners, researchers, government agencies, funders and other audiences at the national level.